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Applicant Screening Criteria

If any applicant needs assistance, known as “reasonable accommodation” in the application process please advise the Landlord. Applicant is urged to review the screening criteria to determine if requirements can be met.

  1. IDENTIFICATION – At time of application, applicant(s) shall provide copies of two forms of identification, one of which shall be state issue photo ID, and Social Security Card. United States Passport or Medicaid Card may be substituted for a Social Security Card. If you are unable to provide either one of these cards a $10 fee will be required at the time your application is received. This fee is to verify the number you have provided us does in fact belong to you.
  2. APPLICANT PROCESS – Applicant is urged to review the screening criteria to determine if requirements can be met.
    1. Each applicant 18 years or older shall submit a completed application and pay the appropriate application screening fee(s), see below for details.
    2. Each applicant shall have a legally issued social security number or Tax Identification number.
    3. Acceptance or denial of the application may take up to 7 days
    4. Upon acceptance, applicant(s) may be required to complete, sign and pay a reservation deposit, rental agreement and/or pay applicable fees and/or deposits within 24 hours.
  3. RENT TO INCOME RATIO – Combined gross income of all applicants is suggested to be 3 times the monthly rent. A variance may be considered if the applicant has long-term employment and/or stable income within 10% of the suggested gross income amount.
  4. SOURCE OF INCOME – Stability of the source and amount of income during the past three years may be considered.
    1. All sources of employment and non-employment income shall be legally obtained and verified.
    2. At the time of application, it shall be the obligation of the applicant(s) to provide proof of income by submitting copies of the following: If employed, copies of the last two pay stubs of the most recent months: if self employed copies of the last two tax returns (Schedule C): Copies of assistance checks or verification from assistance sources of amount, consistency and duration: retirement, documents to prove amount of income or other information as designated by landlord.
    3. Due to fluctuation in tips, bonuses, overtime and commission these items will not be considered stable income and will not be calculated in the household income.
  5. HOUSING REFERENCES – The applicant(s) shall provide information necessary to verify current and previous rental history for the past three years, including Landlord names, phone numbers and fax numbers (if applicable). Information obtained from those related by blood or marriage may require compliance with the variance policy. If the applicant’s housing during the past five years has included home ownership, mortgage payment history shall be considered.
  6. CREDIT WORTHINESS – Credit worthiness may be determined from a credit report, which should reflect prudent payment history. Applicant(s) history should be free of evictions for the past 3 years, judgments, collections and bankruptcies. If you know any of these items are on your credit report you MUST provide in writing an explanation so it may be considered.
    1. Occupancy may not exceed two persons per bedroom.
    2. Smoking is not allowed in unit or garage unless otherwise specified.
    3. Pets may or may not be permitted, dependent on the owner/agent. The Owner/Agent will allow aid animals or modifications to the unit necessary to assist those with disabilities.
  8. ARREST AND CONVICTIONS – Arrests and/or convictions may be evaluated. Any individual whose occupancy could constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or could result in physical damage to the premises will be denied. Excellent verifiable rental history and excellent credit (no accounts may be delinquent or in collection status) shall be established and will be taken into consideration when evaluating the conviction(s).
  9. DEMEANOR AND BEHAVIOR – The behavior and demeanor of applicants during the application process will be considered.
  10. INCOMPLETE, INACCURATE, OR FALSIFIED INFORMATION – Any information that is incomplete, ineligible, inaccurate, or falsified may be grounds for immediate denial of application.
  11. VARIANCE POLICY – Failure to meet the screening criteria as stated may be grounds for:

    1. Denial of the application.
    2. Cosigner, such individual(s) will be required to have excellent Rental History and excellent Credit.
    3. Additional deposit.
  12. SCREENING FEE(S) & TENANCY – Applicant screening fee(s) are separate status of the applicant’s (age 18 & Older) credit (regardless of marital status). Applicant screening fee is $50.00 for each additional adult occupant age 18 & older. There will be an additional $25 fee if out of State or out of jurisdiction reports need to be run. Any adult, who will be residing in the unit consecutively for 14 days or more, is not considered a guest and is required to apply for tenancy.
  13. SCREENING PROCESSING – Applicant screening is possessed by Mark Vandervest, P.C. Public records reports (evictions and convictions) are generated by ScreeningWorks, A Service of YARDI Resident Screening; 307 Waverly Oaks Road, Suite 301; Waltham, MA 02452 888-401-7999. If your application is denied based upon information received from any of the above you will be notified of the fact at the same time you are notified of the denial. A follow up letter of explanation will also be sent. You have the right to appeal the accuracy of the information.

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